Our History

How it all began...

On Friday 16th September 1988, the Faculty of Education, under the Deanship of Dr. Gift opened its Laboratory Pre-school, the first University Laboratory Pre-school in the region. The journey of the UWI-FDCRC began with an initial enrolment of fifty (50) young children, a supervisor and four trained pre-school teachers.

Its founding members were Dr. Edrick Gift and Dr. Carol Logie with staff members: Camelia Tsoi Afatt and Roxanne Marcano.

Changing the face of Early Childhood Education...

Over the next twelve (12) years the Centre grew as global theories and international standards evolved. An eclectic curriculum was designed, drawing principles from Reggio Emilia schools, HighScope and Montessori programmes, Howard Gardner’s philosophy of Multiple Intelligences: How Children Learn, and an anti-bias curriculum.

The physical site was expanded by two thousand (2,000) square feet to include new and innovative learning environments for seventy-five (75) three and four year old children. Through our radio spots, newspaper articles and our research agenda, our outreach and research capabilities are now centre-stage within Trinidad and Tobago. 

As the Centre gained recognition for its high quality, a two year Tertiary Level Teacher Training Certificate Programme in Early Childhood Care and Development was created. Over four hundred and forty-seven (447) Early Childhood Educators have completed this course. Graduates of the ECCD programme are now functioning as educators, administrators and advocates in the field of Early Childhood Care and Education in the Region.

An international evolution...

At the UWI-FDCRC, we understand the need for change. As a result, every year is marked by approximately seven (7) International Learning Events either hosted or attended by our staff. We have created a solid international network within our field. We continue to partner with international, local and regional universities and NGO's. See a detailed list of our International Partners here.

Our three (3) month internship programme has attracted students and practitioners from the United States, Holland, Sweden, Venezuela, Jamaica, England and our Caribbean neighbours.

We have broadened our mission to include both empirical and evidenced-based research. These initiatives draw on expertise in childhood development, early childhood education, special education, and social work. Our research, training and development agenda explore the most pressing needs of families and children within Trinidad and Tobago and the Caribbean. 

The journey has just begun...

The UWI-FDCRC programme recently celebrated its 23rd anniversary and continues to share with the community in order to improve the general quality of Early Child Education in Trinidad & Tobago and the region.