Greetings from our 4+ teachers...

Camelia Tsoi Afatt - Senior Teacher 4+

UWI-CRC educator - Camelia Tsoi Afatt

As an educator at the UWI-FDCRC for 20 years, Aunty Camelia has witnessed the evolution of this Centre from the time it was known as the UWI Laboratory Pre-school to its present status as the UWI Family Development and Children’s Research Centre.

As the Centre has developed so has she, moving through the positions of pre-school secretary, assistant teacher, educator and finally in 2003 to the position of Senior Educator.

She has obtained her Bachelor’s Degree in Education and is the editor of the Centre’s Newsletter which is published every term.

She states, "to be part of this Learning Environment where innovation, cutting-edge curriculum, research and sound values which places emphasis on the emotional, social, physical, intellectual and spiritual development of its students is one where I will always want to be an intrinsic contributor."


Beverly Mahabir - Early Childhood Educator 4+

Aunty Beverly joined the UWI-FDCRC in September 2002, as an Early Childhood Educator. Prior to this, she had worked UWI-CRC educator - Beverly Mahabirat another local early childhood education centre from 1992-2002. She holds a Bachelor's Degree (with honours) in Primary Education with specialisation in Early childhood Education.

Additionally, she has skills in PC repair, floral design, handicrafts, cake decoration and food preparation. Aunty Beverly enjoys working with children especially watching them grow, change and develop from one level to the next. In January 2012, she was certified as a mediator, able to work with parents and children.

She says, " I enjoy empowering and challenging them to become critical thinkers as they create their own pathway as our future leaders of tomorrow. The UWI-FDCRC is a place where children are the centre of attention, and the heart of the curriculum. It is a place where quality Early Childhood Education is provided, where parental and community involvement are important, and where all children differences, uniqueness, individualities are valued and respected."