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The UWI-FDCRC is a dynamic and unique dual-purpose organisation.Comprising of the Children’s Centre and the Family Development Centre (UWI-FDC), the Centre has been a model for developmentally appropriate early childhood care and education (ECCE) both locally and regionally.

The UWI Children's Centre provides training for future early childhood professionals and frequently conducts workshops for parents and the wider ECCE community.The closely aligned UWI-FDC generates research with an aim of improving the life outcomes for children of Trinidad and Tobago and the Caribbean.



To be a leading research and training resource facility focusing on the growth and development, early education, health, and the general well-being of children and their families in Trinidad and Tobago and across Caribbean communities through the work of scholars, practitioners, and students affiliated with the Centre.


Mission Statement

The UWI, School of Education, Family Development and Children's Research Centre (FDCRC), is an international centre for the protection and promotion of the right of every child to quality home and school environments. It targets as a priority the critical early childhood development needs of the Caribbean through a model teacher development unit, policy-oriented research and complementary early childhood services to families and their communities.

It will impact directly on nation building efforts in the areas of poverty eradication, exemplary parenting and curriculum reform and development in early childhood care and education.