Guidelines For Entry Into Trinidad & Tobago

Immigration Requirements

Students from the following countries DO NOT require a visa to enter Trinidad and Tobago:

  • Austria, Belgium, Cyprus, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Malta, The Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, United Kingdom.
  • All CARICOM Member States Except Haiti
  • The Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of the People’s Republic of China
  • All British Commonwealth Countries except Australia, Cameroon, The Republic of Fiji, India, Mozambique, New Zealand, Nigeria, Papua New Guinea, Rwanda, South Africa, Sri Lanka, Tanzania and Uganda.

Nationals from all other countries require visas.

Applications for visas can be made at any Trinidad and Tobago Overseas Mission or, where no Trinidad and Tobago Overseas Mission exists, at any British Foreign Consular Office.

Before travelling to Trinidad and Tobago, you should ensure that your passport is valid to cover at least the period of the academic year for which you are registered or have been accepted.

You should also travel with proof of your student status – If you are a CONTINUING student, your Student’s ID card OR if you are a NEW student, your official offer of a place from The University of the West Indies St. Augustine Campus.

On entering Trinidad and Tobago please ensure that the Immigration Official stamps your passport to cover the entire academic year for which you are registered or have been accepted, as having your stay extended incurs a cost.

If you are coming from The Bahamas or Barbados – Please take a copy of the picture page of your passport to your Faculty Office for certification as requested by your government.


Campus Countries

  • Barbados
  • Jamaica
  • Trinidad & Tobago

Non-Campus Countries

  • Anguilla
  • Antigua & Barbuda • The Bahamas
  • Belize • Bermuda • British Virgin Islands
  • Cayman Islands • Dominica
  • Grenada • Montserrat
  • St. Kitts & Nevis
  • St. Vincent & The Grenadines
  • St. Lucia

Documents Required To Apply For A T&T Student Permit Pursuant To Section 9(1)(G) Of The Immigration Act, Chapter 18:01 Of The Laws Of Trinidad And Tobago

  1. Student Permit Application Form P&I-34
  2. Letter of Acceptance from Institution
    Please note: Regulation 9(6)(c) of the Immigration Regulations 1974) which indicates the following:
    a. That the Institution has been registered with the relevant Ministry.
    b. That the student has been accepted as a full-time student at the Institution.
    c. Information regarding accommodation provided for the student during his/her tenure as a student of that Institution.
    d. That no local student has been displaced.
    e. Days and time of classes.
  3. Receipt of payment of tuition fees.
  4. Letter of responsibility and/or financial support from host – if staying with a relative or friend.
  5. Receipt of payment of accommodation – Board and Lodge.
  6. Previous Student Permit (if any).
  7. Valid Return Ticket or Security Bond/Landing Deposit.
  8. Interview/Information Sheet.
  9. Assessment Form – for returning students.
  10. Approval from –The Ministry of Education obtainable from the school or Director of School Supervision, 18 Abercromby Street, Port-of-Spain – for persons attending Government Institutions.
  11. Medical Examination Forms P&I 40 and 40A – for students remaining in Trinidad and Tobago for more than one (1) year. This may be deferred until one (1) year is complete.
  12. Evidence of funds/financial support.
  13. Copy of bio-data page of passport.
  14. Other documents that may be required by the Immigration Officer.

Documents Required To Apply For A T&T Student Permit

Appointments can be made for submission of applications at all Offices of the Immigration Division in Trinidad & Tobago.

Student Permit Application Fees to be paid on submission of the application (as outlined in the Fourth Schedule of the Immigration Regulations):

CARICOM Nationals - TT$100.00
Non-CARICOM Nationals - TT$200.00

Extension Fees – as outlined in the Fourth Schedule:

CARICOM Nationals - TT$50.00
Non-CARICOM Nationals - TT$100.00

Visa Waiver Fees as outlined in the Fourth Schedule (paid if applicable):

- TT$400.00

The above fees are non-refundable


This document has been prepared as a guideline to non-national students in relation to immigration requirements for entry into Trinidad and Tobago. The University of the West Indies makes no warranty or representation in relation to the extent, content and/or accuracy of the information provided.

This document is not an exhaustive document and for further information, inquiries and updates, it is strongly recommended that you visit the Trinidad and Tobago Immigration Division website.

You may download some of the relevant forms here.