Past Events - 2015

1. First Interactive Learning Event

Mrs. Anne Sine van Marion; International Coordinator/Senior Officer International Office Queen Maud University College of Early Childhood Education Trondheim, Norway, delivered a presentation at The UWI-Family Development Centre entitled, “Family Policy and the Importance of Nature and the Outdoors in Early Childhood: The Norwegian Experience”.

Mrs. Anne Sine van Marion holds a Master of Philosophy in Childhood Studies, the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU), Trondheim, Norway, with the thesis: “Bend the fish while it is still fresh”. She has also been a Coordinator for internationalization and student teacher exchanges and holds a wealth of expertise in the area of the study of partnerships in teaching education between schools and universities.

The event was held at The UWI-Family Development Centre’s Discussions Room on the 2nd June, 2015. It was a success and the presentation was very well received by the local audience.

Learning Event 1
Dr. Carol Logie, Administrative Director of The UWI-FDCRC and Anne Sine van Marion, International Coordinator/Senior Officer International Office, Queen Maud University College of Early Childhood Education Trondheim, Norway.

2. Second Interactive Learning Event

The UWI-Family Development Centre hosted its second Interactive Learning Event “Teaching Students with Special Needs: Improving Learning and Work Performance in the Classroom” on Friday 24th July, 2015. The presenter of the event was Ms. Tara Riley, a Registered Occupational Therapist of Caribbean Kids and Families Therapy Organisation. The event was part of The UWI-Family Development Centre’s Enhancing Professionalism Series of Learning Events specially designed for educators and professionals in the fields of child and family development.

Participants from diverse backgrounds including those in education and those with a focus on children with special needs were in attendance. The interactive session was well-received and fostered opportunity for participants to network, voice concerns and problem solve. Indicators of learning challenges and special needs diagnoses in the classroom were introduced and participants were taught to identify potential “red flags” among their students. Participants were also presented with a range of auditory, visual and motor strategies to improve learning and work performance in the classroom. Overall, the session proved meaningful and productive for all involved. The UWI-Family Development Centre extends its sincere gratitude to the facilitators and participants for their support.

Learning Event 2
Participants at Learning Event 2 - Teaching Students with Special Needs: Improving Learning and Work Performance in the Classroom

B) CREN website and Book Launch on 17th November, 2015 – The UWI – FDC planned and executed the launch of the “Childrearing practices in the Caribbean” publication and the Caribbean Research Empowerment Network website to an audience of approximately eighty (80) persons at the UWI-FDC grounds.

Children's choir at Book Launch 2015
Children's choir performs at the Book and Website Launch, 2015

Book and Website Launch 2015
The Honourable Ayanna Webster-Roy Minister of State in the Office of the Prime Minister with responsibility for Child Development and Gender Affairs, is presented with a copy of the newly launched book by Editors/Authors Dr. Carol Logie (UWI) and Professor Jaipaul Roopnarine (Syracuse University).

C) Children’s Day– To celebrate Universal Children’s Day on 20th November, 2015, The UWI-FDC staff organized a day of fun and learning for approximately seventy (70) children from surrounding schools. Children were treated to lunch and activities included bouncy castle, face painting and puppet shows.

Children's Day Out 2015 Childrens Day (2) 2015

D) Outreach - In honour of Nelson Mandela Day 2015 visited theWendy Fitzwilliam Children’s Hospitalto conduct monthly story-time sessions from October 2015 to June 2016. The aims of these story-time sessions were to promote literacy and create a fun, encouraging and empowering environment for our young audience.

Nelson Mandela Day